Our Organization

We connect educators, learners, educational management, and parents together in a safe digital learning environment. We believe that we can change the world by improving the way people teach & learn. Today universities, schools, and professional training academies use EDaura to measure & improve learners’ skills. EDaura increases learners engagement with peers, educators, and content. EDaura is easy to use and offers a swift implementation process that simplifies the integration of technology in education.

Our values

We empower educators

We help the educators help learners. Educators are the core of the learning process. With EDaura we improve Educators’ productivity by eliminating time wasting procedures. This means more time for the educator to create learner-centric environments inside and outside the classroom.

We are simple

Our product offers a simple and easy-to-navigate space. We work hard to continuously improve our user experience. Users joining EDaura use a social media approach and take control of their own accounts. The result is a swift and fast deployment in any scale.

We are mobile

Today learners are all connected to the web via their smartphones and tablets. EDaura runs on any mobile device or web browser. This makes learning accessible anywhere and at any device. EDaura native apps on both Android and iOS makes the user experience robust and solid.

We protect your data

Your privacy is our main concern. EDaura signed the student privacy pledge and we do not sell or trade users’ information. EDaura does not use in-app advertisements and is focused on helping learners and educators focused on their work.